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I was born on November 4, 1980 in São Paulo. I have always loved photography, but the taste for photography has been in my heart for a long time, I graduated in Law. I started the career of a photographer in 2011 and from the beginning, soon I managed to win the eyes of many and the world of fashion, I photographed for an International Designer "Nicole Miller", where the Campaign was published exclusively in Vogue and Baazar Magazine, I photographed celebrities such as Bruno Gissoni, Higor Rickli, Thiago Rodrigues, Heloisa Périssé, Yanna Lavigne, Antonia Fontenelle and Titi Muller. Palestrei in 2 Universities of Photography (Unip and Senac) and collaborated with several publications of Fashion editorials in the magazines (Glamor, Junior, Men's Health, Mensch Magazine) If for anyone, a photograph is a little square to later remember for me , my vision is transformed into a unique art. Even though I do not have a technically deep knowledge, I affirm that greater than the wisdom in techniques, is the essence of photography, art, feeling and love the profession that I chose for my life.